The Nichols Family-Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Mark 16:15 "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

The Nichols Family-Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Mark 16:15 "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Wes wtih her new frieds at the PreTeen group at our church, Mas Vida and with Reggie on our rooftop

School Highlights - Nov. 7, 2021

At my school, Colegio Libertad (Liberty), we are on a hybrid schedule. This means that half the school attends in-person classes one week, then virtual the next. Then everyone switches.

Although virtual classes are more boring for me, I love going to school in-person. The people in my class were Zara, Yara, Samuel, Luis Baruc, and Isabella. I can make friends there, and the teachers are nice and are trying to help me learn Spanish.

We have many different subjects, some that I wouldn’t have if I were in Brevard: English, Spanish, music, P.E., computer, history, geography, math, and civics and ethics. English is clearly my best subject. Spanish is clearly not my best subject. My favorite class is P.E. because our teacher is so nice. We already knew her because she is the founder of NOE’s daughter.

There are many similarities to school in the US/Brevard. We get to play with our friends at recess, we have P.E. class in a gymnasium (not enclosed, but covered), I have teachers that care about me and want to see me learn, and we learn many of the same subjects.

There are also many differences. All the schools in Mexico wear uniforms. I like ours! We start at 7:45 and are done at 2. Then, we go home to eat lunch with our family. We eat a small snack like gorditas, tacos with the most amazing barbeque meat in it, spaghetti, etc. around 11 (but this is NOT our lunch). We have the doors and windows open all the time because there is no heating nor air conditioning in the buildings. We don’t use chrome books in our classes – only when we do things in the computer lab. We also take a lot of small breaks throughout the day.

On Thursday of last week, one of my classmates asked me to draw in her notebook because she liked what I was drawing. Of course, I said yes! I feel like I’m making friends and fit in at school. Please pray I can learn more Spanish and have good friends at my new school. 

Heyo it’s me Wes we are officially on our trip to Mexico! Mama and Daddy decided to bring us kids, so we traveled about 7 hours today to get to Alabama. We are staying with my Missy and Papa. And my Aunt, Uncle and one of my cousins are still here but they have to head out soon. We are going to Houston, TX. We will be traveling for about a week, but it will be an amazing adventure. Mama says that we will see more of the world than she has ever seen. We hope to cross the boarder on Friday and that night we will be at Anna’s house!! For the people that don’t know who Anna she was our exchange student for 10 months. She was super nice and super fun. We hope to be in Morelia by Saturday or Sunday. I think that is all for tonight. Have to go to bed. Good night!

Me loving the View

Morelia is Awsome

I love Morelia

M O R E L I A what does that spell Morelia