The Nichols Family-Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Mark 16:15 "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

The Nichols Family-Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Mark 16:15 "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

God Loves My Clumsy: The first days of school - November 7th, 2021

Hi, it’s me!! (Well, I should say Hola!)

Although we have to wear masks and only get to go to school every other week, I still LOVE school, and of course my favorite class is English!!!

The first day of school I made a complete fool of myself. That day was very clumsy. First, I started to put my stuff on my desk and my pencil sharpener rolled off my desk and it broke, so I had to ask my teacher to fix it. Then, here comes my water bottle! It fell off my desk and water was everywhere. So, we had to get the janitor, and she mopped it up with two mops because one was not enough.

Then, at lunch I spilled a little juice on the floor and all my apple slices. At the end of the school day, I got a prize because I got enough participation points. They were little round chocolates and exploded (not really - I’m just exaggerating; you have permission to laugh).

And God is showing me through Mexico that it is true nobody is perfect, and it is sometimes okay to just tell yourself that the first day of Mexican school does not matter. Even if I’m known as very clumsy, God still loves me no matter what I do, and He provides friends for me and He makes me actually want to live life.


September 12th, 2021 - Last stop before our new home

Hi it’s me again, Harmony! And I am going to tell you about my day.

It is the last day before we go to our new home. We are in the car. And we have 2 hours and 13 min until we are to our last hotel. So, a couple of minutes ago Daddy asked me, “Harmony, name one person in the bible that had a story about their last stop before home.” Now you know that is a deep question. So, it took me a while to think….(me thinking).... Then finally I said, “Jesus”.

Jesus' last stop began with the supper with the disciples. During that time, He washed the desciples feet and told them, The greatest is the one who serves", like he did. Then He said to them, "this is the end. Tomorrow it will never be the same.” And Peter did not want to hear that. Then Jesus took some bread and wine and said, “this bread is my body and this wine is my blood. And then they all ate the bread and drank the wine.


Then all of a sudden, soldiers came into the garden to take Jesus. But, Peter did not want them to. So he took a soldiers sword and cut off one of the soldier's ears. Jesus said, “Peter why did you do that?” as he put back the soldiers ear. Then He let them take Him. The next afternoon they took him to Pilate and said, “We want to put this man on a cross, what should we do?” Pilate asked Jesus some questions then sent him to Herod. Herod, after asking him some questions, sent him back to Pilate. Then Pilate said, “I am willing to let either Barrabas go or Jesus go. Who should I let go? Then all the people started shouting, “ Barrabas, Barrabas!!!!!!!” So he let Barrabas go. After that they took Jesus and threw Him on the ground. They took off most of His clothes and started whipping Him and laughing at Him and said, “ If you are the king, stand up and save yourself!” After that, they had Him carry the cross up a steep hill all by Himself. Then Jesus was too weak to carry it. A soldier said to a man, “What is your name?” The man said, “Simon.” “Carry the cross for Jesus,” said the soldier. So Jesus and Simon walked up the hill. Then the soldier took Jesus, nailed and tied Him to the cross. And with that He died. They put him in Joseph’s tomb. He was there for 3 days and on the 3rd day, Mary, Mary Magdalene and Salome went to make sure Jesus didn’t stink. And they saw that the big boulder that used to be blocking the tomb was now open with an angel on top. And he said to them, “Why are you here? You won't find Jesus here. He has risen He is alive!!” The women could not believe what they had just heard. And from that day on, Jesus was alive for 40 more days. And now we have Easter to celebrate the day Jesus arose from the dead.

That was Jesus' last stop before home. And now we are doing ours. Love you all!!! So that is all for now. BYE!!!!!

September 7th, 2021 - Our Plan

Hi, it’s me, Harmony! And I am at Papa and Missy’s house right now. But just for tonight. It is our first day and night going to Mexico. We hope to be in Mexico by Friday. Mama and Daddy desighted to bring us with them instead of flying back for us. Now we are bringing both cars instead of one. And then in Mexico we are going to sell both cars. And when we get to Mexico, we are going to first stay with our ford exchange student and her family. Then we are staying in a rental house then we will be in our own home. And we will be in school. And we will have to wear uniforms! ( I do not like uniforms! And also we might have to wear a skirt every day!!!) so that is all for today!!! BYE!!!!!

Center for Intercultural Training (CIT) Takeaway - September 2, 2021

Over the last few weeks God has taught me more about Jesus. I’ve learned how much Jesus was hurt on the cross and when he was whipped while walking up the hill to die for me. Jesus had all the power to ask an angel to pull Him off the cross, but He didn’t ask that because He loves me... I know that the hurt he received was the hurt I should have received because of my sin. I love Jesus and know He loves me.

Downtown Morelia

Downtown Morelia